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Smart ERP Solutions
4683 Chabot Drive, Suite 380
Pleasanton CA, 94588

Analytics Strategy and Assessment

Transforming your Enterprise

Business Transformation Enterprise Data Strategy

We help our customers develop a more effective, viable program to drive real-time insights and competitive growth. We focus on all moving parts that result in an ROI - sales, marketing, operations, management, IT, and customer service channels—in building and executing a holistic Enterprise Data Strategy program together. 

Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and ETL Planning, Assessments and Roadmaps

SmartERP’s strategic approach  helps customers to realize the business value, set right expectations and reap benefits of a BI initiative.  With risk assessment in place, we help  to assess between the top-down and the bottom-up approach. We also work with our customers to have all pros and cons listed, to enable right decision making.

Big Data Strategy, Planning and Roadmap

We work with customers to provide a common language allowing  their senior executives and managers, and our  technology professionals and data scientists to discuss where the greatest returns will come from and, more importantly, to select the right two or three business areas to get started with.  We realize developing a data-and-analytics plan as the essential first step on the journey to harnessing big data.

Master Data Management and Governance

SmartERP team sets a goal to identify, validate and resolve data issues as close to source as possible, while creating a master dataset for downstream systems and services to consume.  Our data governance approach ensures that the data is understood by the business from a definitional, sourcing, quality and accountability perspectives.